“To make up legal environment for increasing competence of private sector’s health organization of Mongolia with state hospitals and delivering them at state level”

More private sector’s health organization were established and developed, it was required to centralize united management that people protect their rights, so that, it was established under Union of PSHO’s Directors for the first time upon demand of society.

During the development, it started to run activities in following fields such as; medical assistance for PSHO, sanitary, preventative organization, medicine supply, production and pedagogical school and since 1997, it expanded into United Association of Private Sector’s Health Organization /UAPSHO/ of Mongolia.

The supreme authority of UAPSHO is Ikh Khural and sub executive organization between regular meetings is conference and board of directors.

The conference and board of directors will be managed by president and the conference accounts for 3/1 percent of total members. The board of directors consists of 9 members such as; scientific doctorate and professor-1, pedagogical doctorate and professor-3, pedagogical masters-3.

The freelance council and branches runs their operations at board of directors.

The represantatives of governmental and non-governmental organizations work for the above mentioned freelance branch council and committees.

The executive director will be selected by board of directors appointed by Ikh Khural and he will run daily activities in good working environment, with required experienced personnel,

UAPSHO runs its operations throughout Mongolia via its capital districts, provincial branch councils and have permanent contact and cooperation with private sector’s health organizations.


  • To protect rights in legal environment
  • To provide with data and information
  • To organize trainings and seminars
  • To provide with professional methods and management to run operations

UAPSHO cooperates with government of Mongolia, branch administrative organizations, specially, Ministry of Health agencies and other non-governmental organizations.

In scope of partnership between government and private sector, we run our operations based on cooperation contracts between Ministry of Health, agencies, and other governmental and non-governmental organizations. Also, we cooperate with Association of Employer, and Chamber of Commerce and Industry at government level


  • Make recommendation for legal acts and develop them accordingly.
  • To give professional consultancies and methods on implementation of governing laws and regulations, standards and guidance
  • To organize trainings, issue package hours by in official training program after competition
  • Provide with data and information
  • To run professional operations of medical expert, extend and confirm period operational licenses and make financial statements
  • Inspection operations
  • Working for council, committees, working team at governmental and non-governmental organizations
  • Issue special permission for health organizations, work as accredited expert
  • To take measures on promotion of doctors, medical experts and relevant personnel of PSHO
  • Research and survey
  • To implement project and programs

UAPSHO is to introduce with operations of non-governmental organizations from other countries, make research on cooperation of government and NGO in order to develop partnership between private sector and state, organize events oriented to develop partnership throughout Mongolia.

Also, to help members, supporters to penetrate internationally acknowledged tools and equipments that are used in international hospitals and health organizations and to do so, attend international meeting and fairs organized by Korea, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, and Germany and China and to develop foreign relations


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E-mail: [email protected], [email protected]